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The League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Columbus


Watch LWVMC documentary

Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015

League Documentary now on LWVMC YouTube channel

A Light Undimmed

"A Light Undimmed: Stories from the League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Columbus" is now on our Youtube Channel!  Click here to watch.

Be sure to like, share, and subscribe to our channel. With the League celebrating its 95th anniversary this year, we raised funds and created a documentary of some of the Metro Columbus League's most dynamic women and their influence on our community.

The 1960s and 1970s were a pivotal era in Central Ohio and the nation. During this time, women volunteers from the League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Columbus (LWVMC) helped to effect social and political changes through their advocacy of voting rights and redistricting, juvenile justice, and the desegregation of the Columbus City Schools. As a result of their League activism, many of these women volunteers acquired the experience and leadership skills to launch careers in government, politics, non-profit administration, philanthropy, and the private sector. Their stories are documented in the film "A Light Undimmed: Stories from the League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Columbus." This 24- minute documentary not only illustrates what is possible when activists come together for a cause, but it also demonstrates how being an engaged citizen can shape our community for the better.

Many thanks to our partner in producing this inspiring film -- BookBag Video -- and their boss/our narrator Nils Root.

Congratulations to the women featured in the documentary, who represent the stories of generations of League members: Kitty Burcsu, Gloria Davis, Joan Lawrence, Mary Lazarus, Sue Phillips, Peg Rosenfield, and Ruth Schildhouse.

Thanks to the members and friends who contributed financially to the project. And thanks to our matching sponsors: Greater Columbus Arts Council and Puffin Foundation West.

Great work from the committee who took a germ of a great idea, developed a plan, raised the funds, found a production company, developed the interviews, acted as chauffeurs, scoured through photos and documents, refined and edited the movie, kept members and the public up-to-date about the project, and planned the party. They are: Mim Brierley, Scott Britton, Bryan Peluso, Deb Peluso, and Beth Taggart.

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