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The League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Columbus


LWVMC adopts NICD Standards of Conduct

Tuesday, Sep. 12, 2017

The LWVMC Board voted to adopt the National Institute for Civil Discourse's standards of conduct for citizens, media and candidates. Read the standards below.

National Institute for Civil Discourse Standards of Conduct

Because our democracy depends on it

These Standards of Conduct provide a framework through which we can both model and revive the spirit of civility. The standards are for all candidates for public office, (at the local, regional, state and national levels), for citizens and for media. From our local school boards to our presidential nominees. Abiding them will move us towards being a nation that not only embraces differences but uses them to make real progress on our many challenges.

Join us in telling candidates and the media to uphold these standards, and in use them in your everyday interactions.  


  1. Be respectful of others in speech and behavior
  2. Take responsibility for personal behavior, speech, and actions
  3. Speak the truth and act with integrity
  4. Promote civility in political discourse
  5. Run a positive campaign by focusing on supported and opposed policies



  1. Be respectful of others in speech and behavior
  2. Take responsibility for personal behavior, attitude, and actions
  3. Promote civility through everyday interactions
  4. Listen fully and attentively to the speaker, seeking to understand them
  5. Practice non-violence, using words to inspire change



  1. Investigate and report factual information that improves public understanding of the issues
  2. Hold the powerful accountable; challenge them to speak the truth and act with integrity
  3. Promote civility by highlighting collaboration, solutions, and progress in political discourse
  4. Acknowledge incivility by naming it in their political commentary
  5. Respect and present a variety of perspectives
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